The Next Generation of Offshore & Workboats Seafarers

"Tomorrow's marine engineers will be IT and electronic experts..."

"Access to enough seafarers with relevant skill sets is a growing challenge and one that is likely to intensify in the short term when the offshore industry recovers from the current downturn. 

Large numbers of experienced senior seagoing personnel have either left the business or are approaching retirement and many who remain lack some of the specialist expertise required in the offshore energy and workboat trades. 

A life at sea – either deep-sea, coastal, or in the workboat sector – holds little appeal for young people who have higher expectations and view a life without full connectivity as inconceivable. Meanwhile the digitalisation of sea transport will change the nature and skills of the next generation of seagoing personnel..."



Download the whitepaper now and discover how technology is changing the future for offshore & workboats seafarers.

This whitepaper looks at how a shortage of experienced and well-motivated seagoing personnel today could become a critical factor in the future, as advances in ship autonomy require different skill sets and a whole new approach to ship operation and management.

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