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Executive summary

Cybersecurity is the hot topic in the world of Maritime digitalisation. Compared with other industry sectors, Maritime is coming to cybersecurity relatively late, but the specific challenges in digital shipping are right at the forefront of leading-edge technology and the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

In the maritime industry we should also look carefully at where critical interdependencies lie, particularly where a network or ship’s system connects to, depends on and trusts the integrity of a system that is outside of the ship.

Ship control systems are ‘turnkey’ and so manufacturers of digital systems for ships are fundamental to the design
of security capabilities and so should engage in dialogue now to help define how cybersecurity will be managed. Systems manufacturers should also be creative and open to adopting solutions which could become interoperable standards.

Ship operators and managers need to identify and address the level of cybersecurity awareness, training and capabilities that will be required on ships, plus define the additional services they will need delivered or supported from beyond the ship, by the operating company or by third party providers. Whilst giving attention to the requirements for new build, vessels operators also need to cover the cybersecurity of existing systems and particularly watch out for changes to risk from the adoption of new networks and systems.

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with the Maritime industry in cybersecurity and I am recognising a number of common themes that I have previously seen in the energy sector, and even in financial services.

- Paul Dorey 


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How the Maritime industry is both learning from and leading cybersecurity thinking

Written by Paul Dorey  
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